BCAA Natural Lemonade

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5000mg of BCAA's per scoop

Each serving contains 5000mg of BCAA's in the perfect 2:1:1 ratio.

Only 12 calories per serving.

Low in calories and sugar for anytime recovery.

500mg of Vitamin C per scoop.

Vitamin C to support immune health and recovery from exercise.

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Product Reviews

Written by Pat on Jan 10th 2019

Love it!

Love it! gives me more Energy . I’ve been able to hold my weight for 2 years thanks to taking this drink every morning

Written by Megan on Mar 1st 2017

Love it!

One of my Spinning instructors had recommended I start taking BCAA bc I cycle six-seven days a wk in addition to other workouts. However, the two brands he recommended both contain artificial sweeteners and dyes, which is a deal breaker for me. I did some research online looking for a clean version but wasn't really having any luck. Then one day I randomly went into GNC and the associate recommended Nutrology to me. The first time I brough the coconut orange one, and I didn't love it. Directions say to mix 1-2 scoops in 12oz of water; I'd mix one scoop in 24oz, which made the drink drinkable. I have to say though, that although the taste left much to be desired, the product definitely did its job! Even after the first use I felt a difference. Not that my legs don't still get sore, but I no longer have to take my workouts down a notch bc of the pain. I'm able to work harder and stronger, the Nutrology BCAA have definitely made a huge difference. Then when it was time to reorder, I ordered the lemonade flavor, and I honestly LOVE it! I still mix it into 24oz of water instead of 12, simply bc that's the size of my gym water bottle; But I legit enjoy the taste of the product, and as I said, it's made a huge difference for me and my workouts.