PC-10 Chia Powder

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The Power of Chia

Chia seeds have become one of the most popular superfoods of all time. Originally cultivated in ancient Mayan regions now known as modern-day Mexico, the word “chia” meant “strength” in their language. Dense in nutrients, it was considered a “runner food” because runners and warriors alike would eat chia seeds to provide strength for long runs and battles.

In addition to providing all-natural energy, recent research shows the health benefits of chia seeds are even greater than previously realized. Benefits include promoting healthy skin, reducing signs of aging, supporting the heart and digestive system, building stronger bones and muscles, and more. Today, chia enjoys a strong reputation for its abundance of overall health benefits and its versatility.

The composition of Nutrology's PC-10 microfine chia powder is truly amazing, making its classification as a superfood well-deserved. Each serving provides:

●10x more Omega 3’s than salmon

●70% more fiber & 50% more protein than flax

●6x more calcium than milk

●Health boosting minerals such as magnesium and selenium

●600mg or ORAC antioxidants

The PC-10 Microfine Chia Powder Difference   

Chia Seeds Sourced from High Altitude

Unless Chia is processed from a high altitude source, it may be lacking in the key nutrients noted above. The most nutritious chia seed is grown in cool temperatures and high altitude, notably in Central America. Because chia is able to thrive in the unique growing conditions at high altitudes, it is pack in the Omega-3s and high fiber density.

Chia Seed Complex, Patented Milling Process

Traditional chia seed can create a clumpy or gelatinous texture which has limited the use by reducing the functionality of the product in many recipes and beverages. Nutrology’s PC-10 Microfine Chia powder uses a patented process to grind the chia seed to a diameter of about 80-90 microns, thus creating an instantized powder that can be used in recipes, smoothies and your favorite beverage...even coffee! The process of grinding the seed into a instantized powder also increases the bioavailability of the Chia when supercharging your smoothies and recipes.

PC-10 is the only chia product that uses microfine chia powder. Available in both delicious original and peanut butter flavor, PC-10 Chia provides the flexibility to compliment your existing smoothie flavors, or provide the flavor itself.

Vacuum Sealed

Unless a product is packaged correctly from the manufacturer to you, the consumer, it will lose much of its nutritional value. Too many chia products do not package their produce using the vacuum sealed, nitrogen flushing process. This leaves oxygen in the bag, causing oxidation and destroying the product’s efficacy, and the product itself, in a short period of time. Have you been buying chia in a box or bag filled with air? The product likely has lost much of its ability to deliver nutrients to you.

Nutrology uses fresh tech vacuum sealing, which removes all oxygen within the content when packaging its PC-10 Microfine Chia powder. This preserves maximum freshness and effectiveness whether the product has been on the shelf for a day or a month, or longer.

Non-GMO and approved by both the FDA and USDA as a food. PC-10 Microfine Chia seed powder is one of the most versatile, nutrient-rich smoothie additives you can use to boost both your workouts and your overall health.