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You Deserve Purity! All Natural BCAA's sourced from Non-GMO Plants.

Increase Recovery — BCAAs account for 35-40% of the dietary essential amino acids in body protein and 14-18% of the total amino acids in muscle proteins. Studies have shown that supplementing BCAAs before or during exercise reduces the breakdown of protein for up to 5 days after training.

Increase Strength — BCAAs, especially leucine, play a very important role in protein metabolism; leusine promotes protein synthesis and inhibits protein degradation.

Decrease Muscle Soreness — A 2006 study in the Journal of Nutrition found oral BCAA supplementation (77mg/kg body weight) before exercise to increase intracellular BCAA levels during exercise. This resulted in the suppression of muscle protein breakdown. Oral BCAA administration (12 g/d for 2 weeks) also suppresses the rise in serum creatine kinase activity for several days after exercise. These findings suggest that BCAA supplementation might reduce muscle damage induced by exercise.