Tripact Protein - Chocolate 3lb.

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  • 25g of high-quality grass fed whey, pea protein, and brown rice protein 
  • 10g of BCAA’s and Glutamine. Amino acids that aid in recovery 
  • 1 serving of energizing Greens and Superfoods
  • 1 billion Probiotics to promote digestive and immune health
  • Digestive Enzymes to improve nutrient absorption and prevent bloating
  • Only 130 calories per serving. Great as a meal replacement.
  • No Artificial Colors or Flavors
  • Gyphosate Free
  • Gluten Free
  • A++ verified for low heavy metals 
  • Cold Filtered Undenatured Whey Protein
  • No Artificial Hormones rBGH or rBST
  • No Sub-Therapeutic Antibiotics used
  • Made in the USA


Tripact Protein - Chocolate 3lb.

Product Reviews

Written by David on Dec 5th 2017

Super Product

I started using Tripact about a year ago and it has been great. I use it mostly in a protein shake and combined with intermittent fasting I have been very pleased with the results. Great taste and my weight and bodyfat are lower.

Written by undefined on Dec 1st 2017

Great product.

I love this product. Has the right balance for me and tastes so good. Goes along way and is always easily digestible.

Written by TJ on Mar 13th 2017

Filling and tast great

A friend recommended this to loose weight, it works and tast great too.

Written by undefined on Mar 13th 2017

Great product

This product works great! I take it twice a day for the protein intake, and it really helps with digestion. It also tastes great.

Written by undefined on Mar 13th 2017

I always come back to this protein!

I have tried so many other products out there but none of them satisfy me and give me the results the Nutrology Tripact Protein shake does. It's delicious , nutricious , keeps my energy levels up and doesn't mess with my digestive system ! I recommend this product 100%. I have it after my workout , i have it in my protein pancakes, I even have it as a snack on my on the go days ..I just love it !

Written by undefined on Jan 15th 2017

Delicious Morning Shake

My son is in high school and loves the shake for breakfast every day!

Written by TENILLE on Dec 27th 2016


Only protein shake that works for my need, such as toning and maintaining my weight. Gives me energy as well. The flavor is great even better than the vanilla.

Written by David on Dec 22nd 2016

Excellent Product

The product tastes good and is excellent quality. The only negative concern that I have is that as a 60+ male, it contains soy, which is not good for men in my age group.

Written by on Nov 1st 2016

Best protein for your $$$$$

If you want a delicious protein shake anytime of the day, that is worth every cent, get TRIPACT!! Personally Chocolate Milkshake is my favorite, please try it!

Written by on Sep 26th 2016

Excellent Results

Wonderful taste and good results from taking. Feel like I have more energy.

Written by undefined on Jul 19th 2016


I blend in Viamix with almond milk and frozen fruit. Non better Wish it was more chocolatety

Written by Scott on Jul 15th 2016


Used it for the last two years as meal replacement since bariatric surgery. It is tasty especially if mixed with non fat Greek yogurt.