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Tripact Protein is a Great Meal Replacement Shake

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The importance of protein to overall fitness cannot be overstated since it is the key to muscle growth and development. In not so recent years, this development has been greatly improved thanks to the incorporation of whey protein into diets to boost muscle building and strength.

In an industry filled countless brands, it has become important for people to find the right kind of protein to incorporate in their shakes in order to get so much more than just a protein boost. It is here that quality becomes paramount, with Tripact Protein standing out for its excellence. With only the best in incorporated ingredients, it is so wholesome that it can stand effectively as a meal replacement shake on its own!

Premium ingredients

All whey comes from diary, but the difference in quality lies in how the stock was fed. Standard cattle are fed on grains produce whey that is lower in nutritional value and higher in unwanted compounds such as glyphosate, heavy metals, and artificial hormones. but you can be sure that Tripact is in fact grass fed whey. It is no secret that products sourced from grass fed animals are always of the highest quality, and this is no exception. It is also sugar free and gluten free yielding among the healthiest whey protein products on the market today.

Undenatured Whey Protein

Most consumers are not aware that how their whey protein is processed; after all it is not required by the FDA and most companies would prefer that you never get a peek behind the curtain. The vast majority of commercial whey proteins are processed by heat and chemicals that can introduce heavy metals into the protein and have a very high denature rate, making a large percentage of the protein usable by your body. Nutrology Tripact protein is flash pasteurized and cold-filtered to provide you with a undenatured, healthy whey protein option. Undenatured whey protein has many advantages including lower heavy metals and higher levels of immune boosting immunoglobulins that provide antioxidant support and help the whey protein function better in your body.

More than just protein

Tripact is amazing enough on its own, but it is the added ingredients that take it to the next level in terms of quality. In order for your muscles to be able to recover quickly after a day of intensive workout, Tripact includes 5.4 grams of BCAA and 4.8 grams of Glutamine. Together, they help you to rest easy and be ready for your next work out session the following day with your muscles well recovered.

Aside from muscle recovery ingredients, this amazing product is also packed with plant proteins, greens and superfoods to make it an all rounded source of much needed vitamins for your body. Tripact Protein also contains about 1 billion probiotics and digestive enzymes in its formula. This ensures that not only are your muscles catered for, but your digestive system is as well. With so many ingredients packed into one product, it is easy to see why Tripact can make a very effective meal replacement shake!

Tested and safe

As further proof of the quality of this grass fed whey, Tripact is fully certified and tested, with an A++ rating for low heavy metals. It means that you need not worry about any poisonous dietary metals in your protein, which is amazing.

Now you too can take a more quality-oriented approach to your protein dieting as you work on toning, cutting or building your muscles. It is perfect as a meal replacement shake, or simply a post workout shake. You can even have it as a night time protein snack to enjoy, allowing you to properly shape your body with the right kind of supplementation.

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