3 Reasons to Switch from Chia Seeds to Microfine Chia Powder

Chia seeds have, for the longest time, been lauded for the numerous health benefits they bring the body such as: reducing the risk of adverse health conditions like obesity and heart disease. However, did you know that you can get so much more out of your chia seeds in powdered form than in their seed form? It is very possible to enjoy the most benefits from chia seeds now with Nutrology’s PC-10 Powdered Microfine Chia, and here are some reasons why you need to switch over from regular chia seeds to this amazing Microfine Chia powder.

1It Feels and Tastes Better

Imagine the many things that you’ve always wanted to do with chia seeds in your diet but couldn’t because of the taste and clumpy texture of the hard seeds. Well, now with it in the form of chia powder you can add it to your smoothie for that smooth tasting and refreshing drink; or add a teaspoon or two to your morning coffee. It tastes better because now you are getting the true taste of the seeds and their contents. The best part is the fact that you can get it in both its original amazing flavor, or in the tasty peanut butter flavor that Nutrology offers.

2. Nutritional Bioavailability

The thing about chia seeds is that once they enter your system, the body needs time in order to work to break them down before you are able to get any nutrients from them. That is not the case with PC-10 Microfine Chia Powder however, because the body does not need to break down or digest the chia in its powdered form. In this form the nutrients in the chia powder are far more easily available to the body as they quickly enter the circulation and quickly begin to take effect.

3. You Feel Fuller...Faster

What is perhaps the best thing about Nutrology PC-10 Powdered Microfine Chia is how quickly it makes you feel full. In this microfine chia powder form, each serving contains up to 10 times more omega 3 than regular salmon, and 70% more fiber than flax. This in combination with its high bioavailability in your diet stimulates the body to quickly release Cholecystokinin or CCK, a hormone that essentially tells the brain, “I’m full, stop eating”. In this way you don’t unnecessarily over eat and you receive just the right amount of nutrients that you need!

There are hundreds of Chia product varieties all over the world, but PC-10 Powdered Microfine Chia from Nutrology is still the only one of its kind. It is the first and only chia product to make use of microfine chia to truly bring out its nutritional benefits. You no longer have to bear with eating clumpy chia seeds when it exists in powdered form which is better in every way. Add it to your oatmeal or pancakes in the morning for that extra energy, or include it in your most favorite recipe and notice how quickly it transforms it into a highly nutritious meal!

Author Joanne Tull

Joanne Tull, former Fitness America, Fitness Canada and Fitness Universe finalist. Joanne is a Co-Founder of Nutrology, the naturally based sports nutrition company that has innovated clean label nutritional products used by thousands of athletes, including elites in the NFL, MLB, NHL and Professional Boxing. Having appeared on ESPN, Fox Sports and TSN after finishing a storied athletic career as a state champion, collegiate and national level gymnast, Joanne’s approach to nutrition is simple yet powerful.