What Affects Your Consistency In Following A Workout Routine?

By: Nicole McCray


For most people, getting through a workout is an accomplishment. But another common theme is finding the motivation to bring yourself to work out in the first place. Some days are challenging. 

But some common trends can affect your consistency in following a workout routine. Identifying some of these problems can eliminate these obstacles and make working out more consistent in our schedules. 

Let’s go over the big ones. 


Scheduling is arguably the most common hurdle to getting to the gym or a workout, whether it be having a crazy work schedule or not having enough structure; both are impediments to your fitness journey. 

At first, when we start working out on a more consistent basis, we may feel tired and lack the motivation to keep going. However, exercise can have the opposite effect, essential to our mental health and energy. 

There are a few tips and tricks to make this easier for you:

  1. Consistent schedules are the ones you are most likely to follow. If you schedule different classes on different days or don’t have a routine, it’s easier to fall off track. 

  1. Doing 30 minutes of something is better than doing nothing at all. So for those who feel like they don’t have a second to their day, wake up just 30 minutes earlier to do an at-home workout free of distraction. 

No Accountability 

Accountability partners are one of the biggest reasons some people stick with consistently working out while others don’t. People who can afford personal training one-on-one is a great way to be accountable. Others find group classes work.

It’s common that the more of an investment you make with money, the more likely you are to show up. Working out alone time and time again requires excellent motivation and a love for fitness. 

Your Diet

Your body needs to replenish itself when working out. Food is one of the most significant recovery factors. If you are not getting enough protein, iron, vegetables, and healthy carbs, you won’t be able to keep up with classes. 

Second, hydration needs to be paired with vitamins and amino acids. When you combine this with a good meal, your body can recharge while building muscle. Double-check to make sure nothing harmful is in the ingredients. Reviews are always a good thing to check. 

Eating healthy doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Sometimes we try to make a dramatic change that is much too harsh to handle early on. That’s why making minor adjustments can have significant effects. 

Going Too Hard Too Soon

Ambition is great, but you may struggle to move the next day if you don’t know how to pace yourself. Many also interrupt soreness. While this sign of growth, you don’t need to destroy your body to see benefits. This is the fastest way to injure yourself. 

If you don’t get too sore, you can still get too tired to return. But, on the other hand, skipping too many days can lead to burnout when you build habits of showing up. That’s why the next point is critical. 

Grab a Helping Hand

We're all susceptible to soreness and likely to experience it more often with age. Compression socks for senior citizens or anyone needing relief is another important avenue to explore. 

NormaTec compression machines increase blood flow to specific areas to promote quicker recovery and relief. Vascular specialist Sathish Mohan M.D. echoes these thoughts. He says, "Compression socks have also been shown to help decrease swelling and pain in the legs and ankles.”  

Compression therapy is also suggested for pregnant women, treating varicose veins and many other issues. Ice baths and cryotherapy are also recovery techniques that can reduce swelling. 

While these techniques were once only trendy among athletes, recovery centers have popped up more frequently. In addition, the demand from the general public increased thanks to wanting better self-care accessibility. 

Not being in love with the Workout Your Doing

If you’re weightlifting and building muscle, changing your workouts is vital. Bringing other elements into your activities is a great way to change it up. You can still commit to working out at night while attending a different class weekly. 

Why It’s Good To Change It Up

There are many benefits to hitting a different routine but let’s discuss some key ones. 

  1. Different exercise approaches will bring other benefits. For example, lifting develops muscle while cardio classics help heart health and endurance. 

  1. Some activities like yoga can have a significant mental benefit, just as important as physical health. 

  1. New classes can introduce you to new people and a supportive environment. Working out alone is excellent, but it can be even more fun with a group of people. 

When you do what is mentioned above, you are likelier to stick with working out. You also are likely to find new hobbies you are passionate about, such as hiking, kickboxing, etc. 

Healthy Habits

Setting yourself up for success is the most important thing concerning working out. The easier you make it to do, the more likely you will do it. If you lack an actual schedule and go when you feel like it, it is possible you won’t go. That’s why having some sort of accountability, and an investment in working out is one of the best ways to say committed. 

Discipline is hard for everyone, but when you find a type of workout you enjoy, it’s important to incorporate that into your life. Mixing it up is still crucial because burnout is another possibility you want to avoid. If dancing is the easiest way for you to burn calories, then have it! 

Lastly, but certainly not least, you need to give your body the time and nutrients to recover. This advice is for people of all ages. The harder we go, the more dedication to the proper diet, vitamins, and recovery aids we need. With all this in place, you are ready to conquer your fitness journey.

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