Natural Pre Workout Drinks

Natural Pre Workout Drinks

The Best Pre Workout Supplement

Beetroot, proven for centuries to have great health benefits, is now one of the undisputed kings of guilt free pre workout energy in the gym. Power your workout with the best natural supplements available.

Why is everyone from highly specialized athletes to weekend warriors using beetroot as their energy source? And why is the media, usually hyper-critical of can’t-miss energy products, so in love with this supplement?

First, it is an all natural food that easily passed the stringent substance testing conducted on the athletes. It can be eaten or mixed into water, making a beet juice anytime and anywhere in the dining halls, kitchen or gym. Athletes needn’t worry about any repercussions from eating healthy root vegetables.

Second, it provides enhanced athletic performance. In the build up to the London Olympic games, the British publication The Telegraph published an article detailing research on beetroot and how it boosts stamina. It noted that drinking beetroot juice doubled the amount of nitrate in the blood of volunteers, and reduced the rate at which muscles used their main source of energy. It found that beetroot juice helps muscles work more efficiently and lowered their oxygen uptake. The same effect was seen during both low-intensity and high-intensity exercise.

Third, the energy provided was almost instantaneous. The UK study showed that the nitrate in beetroot juice reduces oxygen uptake quickly after consumption, making exercise less tiring. Beetroot juice as a pre workout energy source became the new king in the gym, pool, and on the track, helping athletes exercise up to 16 percent longer.

The Science Of Beet Root Supplements

Science continues to support that beetroot may be the greatest natural pre workout supplement to hit the US market in over 20 years.

In 2012 University of Exeter’s School of Sport and Health Sciences noted, “Taking nitrate-rich beet juice yeilded 3.5% improvement in sprint performance and a 3% increase in their speed of making decisions without hindering accuracy."

Studies have also found that regularly drinking beetroot juice increases exercise performance in terms of the heart's workload and oxygen delivery to the body’s muscles. "We were surprised by how little nitrate was needed to see such a large effect, “ said Dr. Amrita Ahluwalia in the American Journal of Physiology – Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology.

Healthiest Pre Workout

Why is Yerba Mate in our Natural Pre Workout drinks? You've probably seen the Yerba Mate energy shots at the checkout line at your natural grocer or health food store. Yerba Mate is an antioxidant powerhouse and natural energy source. Often described as providing a clean and calm energy, Yerba Mate has higher polyphenol and antioxidant counts than both green and black teas. Relative to mainstream sugary, artificial-substance-laden energy drinks, Yerba Mate contains up to 100 times higher amounts of antioxidants and polyphenols than non-tea-based energy drinks.

Beet Root

Supports Heart Health & Nitric Oxide production.

Yerba Mate

South American herb that supports energy and focus.

Vitamin C

Supports Immune health and exercise recovery.

A delicious additive to your water or sports drink, each serving of Beet Natural & Beet Active is loaded with Beet Juice, Vitamin C & Yerba Mate. Our Natural Pre Workout Drinks are completely free of artificial sweeteners, artificial colors and artificial flavors.

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