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A big question in today's nutrition circles is whether you should choose foods from grass or grain-fed cattle. Here in the United States, we think very little about the types of feed the animals we consume eat. In modern-day, conventional dairy farms, cows will be given a grain-based diet, and treated with antibiotics and growth hormones so they can be used for meat or dairy production as quickly as possible. This strategy may be profitable to producers, but creates an unhealthy dynamic within the cow. Meat and dairy products from cows that are grain-fed, have been found to be significantly lower in nutritional quality than from grass-fed cattle.

Today, over 80% of all antibiotics are used in the production of food. Overuse of antibiotics in cows is leading to the proliferation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria—a major challenge for our future health industry. Without the ability to treat bacterial infections, humans and animals will suffer. The future health of your own body can be greatly affected by the food choices you make today!

Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) is a synthetic growth hormone that has been used in dairy cows since the Food and Drug Administration's approval 1993. Growth hormones produce cell growth and increase lactation within cows, thus enhance the profit of dairy farmers. A major concern with consumption of dairy products from cows treated with rBGH, is that this may stimulate cell unnecessary growth within the human body. Uncontrolled cell growth may lead to tumors or even cancer.

Nutrology's protein powders are sourced from grass-fed cows, not treated with sub-therapeutic antibiotics or artificial growth hormones.


The Nutrology Promise

The term “Clean Label” can mean many things. For us, it represents a list of standards we use to make sure our customers receive products that are safe, healthy and effective.

Currently, the FDA has manufacturing guidelines intended to ensure consumers are provided with safe, unadulterated products. Unfortunately, through fraud or blatant negligence, many low-quality products regularly appear on the shelves of large retailers.

Premium raw material selection.

Easy to read labels with itemized ingredient levels.

Efficacious ingredient levels based on scientific studies.

Minimization or elimination of artificial ingredients.

Independent third party lab testing to meet all label claims.

Manufactured at GMP and NSF certified facilities.

Cold Processed Protein Powders

Most commercial whey proteins are processed using high-heat treatment, and acid washed to remove impurities. Often this contaminates the whey with synthetic additives and chemicals, creating a denatured, "acidic" product, low in nutrients.

Cold-Filtering, on the other hand, uses lower temperatures and allows nutrients, amino acids, and minerals to remain in their natural state, for optimal function in a protein powder. Cold-Filtering also protects the bioactive portions of whey proteins: immunoglobulins and lactoferrin.

Grass-fed, cold­-filtered, whey protein concentrate has the added benefit of maintaining antioxidant capacity, through the preservation of immunoglobulins and lactoferrin. Throughout the entire filtration process, molecular structure is preserved. This helps inhibit growth of E. coliand salmonella in the body's gut.

Nutrology uses only cold-filtered, grass fed whey, that has not been exposed to changes in pH (acid), thus preserving protein structure.

Grass Fed Whey Protein Powders

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