Boost Immune Health with Grass Fed Whey Protein Concentrate

Immune Boosting Bovine Immunoglobulins in Whey Protein

Bovine immunoglobulins are present in whey protein. Among their many functions include: transportation of antibodies to fight bacteria and viruses.

If you have ever wondered how a child is born with passive immunity, you can attribute this to the presence of Bovine immunoglobulins which is passed down from mother to child. Without these immunoglobulins in the body, we would not be able to fight off bacteria and viruses which are becoming more resistant and prevalent.

How Does the Body Utilize Bovine Immunoglobulins?

Bovine immunoglobulins work by increasing the immune system activity level. The first line of the body’s immune defense is the intestinal tract which is loaded with digestive enzymes to break down compounds. These immunoglobulins are made up of trypsin inhibitors and glycoproteins which help them resist the intestinal breakdown. This means that the immunoglobulins get absorbed into the intestinal tract while they are still fully intact. The healthiest whey protein is one that is rich in Bovine immunoglobulins.*

Undenatured Grass-Fed Whey Is a Good Source of Immune Boosting Immunoglobulins (IgG)

The process of producing undenatured whey protein powder is pretty straight forward. It involves sourcing the whey from Non-GMO grass-fed cows, flash pasteurization to minimize exposure to heat, cold- filtering for impurities and then drying it. This type of processing leaves the amino acids, immunoglobulins and essential fatty acids in their natural un-denatured state.

Undenatured grass-fed whey is rich in immunoglobulin antibodies. These antibodies are preserved so that their integrity is not compromised. Immunoglobulins help the body by boosting its natural immunity. Undenaturing, therefore, ensures production of the best grass-fed whey protein with the highest biological value.

If you want to get more from your of your protein powder, choosing a brand that is sourced and produced correctly is essential. Read the labels….look for cold-filtered whey protein that is sourced from grass fed cows to boost your immune health and perform your best in 2020!*

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