Making Natural Supplements Part Of Your Lifestyle

Here at Nutrology, we understand that your workouts and general lifestyle can become hectic and overwhelming sometimes. This persistent state of feeling stressed goes beyond just making you feel exhausted. It can actually have a negative impact on your efforts to: build and maintain muscle, maintain a healthy body weight and lose fat. If you happen to be an average to avid exerciser who is looking to achieve personal fitness goals and great health, we are more than glad to help you meet all the nutritional demands of your active and healthy lifestyle. However comprehensively nutritious and wholesome your diet may be, it can still fail to meet key nutrient requirements because of reasons out of your control. Our Natural Protein Powders, Natural Pre-Workouts and nutritional supplements will fill these gaps left by your diet to help support your goals.

At Nutrology, we believe that a lifestyle of natural supplementation is defined by three key pillars; namely: Taste, Time and Cost. Let’s explain how.


Our supplements are derived from grass-fed cows, plants and seeds. So, it is only natural that they have an earthier taste. While this may not be palatable to all people, we do believe in providing products that are potent and free from impurities that derail your health and fitness goals. Ask yourself; would you rather have a supplement that tastes like candy but contains unhealthy compounds and holds you back from realizing your goals; or a supplement that has a pleasant earthy taste and delivers on everything as promised? If your willing to trade a little on taste in exchange for a much cleaner, healthier supplement option then going with Nutrology is a great choice for you.


Before purchasing any supplement, you should take some time to read its label. Go through the ingredient list to look for unwanted compounds. Look for itemized ingredients that are simple to read and easy to understand. You know; nothing too fancy. A few seconds to a minute (to read a label) could be the only thing that separates you from your health and fitness goals.


Any serious supplement shopper is always looking for value for money spent. Supplements with naturally sourced ingredients can cost a little more because of the following reasons:

1. Sourcing scarce raw materials such as whey protein from grass-fed cows and non-GMO plant-based amino acids can be more difficult and costly.

2. There is a high cost of regulatory oversight and certification of organic & non-GMO products compared to GMO products.

3. Cost of enlisting the services of a third party for testing. While FDA also provides oversight, the many exploitable loopholes can encourage fraud. Hence the use of a third party independent testing.

4. Putting efficacious ingredient levels in products. In the hyper-competitive, supplement industry, many companies skimp on ingredients to reduce production costs and boost profits.

A healthy, active lifestyle requires special care. Our supplements will fill your nutrient gaps, provide you with energy, and boost your body’s ability to recover and refuel.

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