Achieve a Great Toned Body with a Higher Quality Whey Protein

Every discerning body-builder or fitness enthusiast knows that protein is necessary to build muscle and get a toned body. That is why they take the time to get to know the meal replacement drinks and the protein powders they use. Natural whey protein is one of their highly preferred products, especially if it is a high-quality, undenatured, and cold-filtered grass-fed whey protein powder. This type of natural whey protein is great for every lifestyle, whether you are trying to tone up, manage your weight, or build leaner muscle. It is safe for women and great for athletes, as well as for any other individual who wants to improve their athletic performance and health.*

Undenatured protein is a critical ingredient in a good naturally sourced whey protein powder. This means that the protein is cold processed and flash pasteurized to provide your body a healthier and undenatured whey protein, which is free of unwanted chemicals and heat processing, which could affect the overall quality of the protein. Avoid low-quality protein powders with low nutritional value and high amounts of heavy metals, artificial hormones, glyphosate, and other unwanted ingredients.

Choose a whey protein product that is carefully formulated to enhance your strength and wellness. That way, you can naturally attain and maintain good health and enhanced athletic performance. This product should have no GMOs, only feature colors, flavors and sweeteners derived from natural sources, be gluten and glyphosate free, have no artificial hormones, or sub-therapeutic antibiotics. Keep in mind that protein supplements for a healthy and toned body must be correctly sourced or process, or they will lose their benefits by the time the powder gets into your smoothie.*

Cold processing or cold filtering is the best way to create a high quality whey protein powder, because when processed at low temperatures it helps to retain the nutrients, minerals, and amino acids. Nutrology's whey protein has been verified to ensure a low level of heavy metals.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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