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Losing weight and staying in shape requires effort on your part. When proper diet and exercise are not enough, you can turn to all-natural protein supplements to help you build and maintain lean muscle, and provide you with the energy and strength you need to endure your workouts. Protein is one of the most critical elements to building strength and gaining muscle mass, and it will help you achieve those goals as long as it is taken during a good weight training program, and with guidance from your nutritionist or personal trainer.*

Protein is composed of amino acids, which are compounds serving as the building blocks of muscles. Its main purpose is to build, maintain, and repair muscle tissues, which are put to work while working out. So, they naturally become stressed and develop micro tears. Natural protein supplements contain all the essential amino acids your muscles need for repair and to make them stronger and bigger.* Protein is made up of nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon, so every time your body gets enough protein, it achieves the anabolic state of a positive balance of nitrogen, also known as the state of optimum muscle building. Negative nitrogen balance (catabolic state) triggers muscle tissue breakdown for energy.

The more muscle tissue you have in your body, the higher your resting metabolism is. This means that the body will burn more fat and calories, even when you are not moving. According to studies, a pound of muscle could burn around 50 to 100 calories a day, while the body is at rest. The ideal natural protein supplements have grass-fed naturally sourced whey protein, which will help feed your body the right amounts of the amino acids it needs to build and maintain muscle. Be sure to choose cold-processed whey concentrate proteins, so you know that omega-3 and all the other essential nutrients are retained in the product.*

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